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Welcome to the brand new website for Clever Nation, our beloved community of prospering broadcasters. With twitch recently switching over to using tags, this means they also took the plunge and removed all of the community pages from the site. You can no longer find Clever Nation there, except for those who’ve earned a spot on our Official Twitch Team. This means no more links to pass out when you want to share other streamers who share your enthusiasm. This means it’s also harder to find someone to raid when you aren’t sure who’s supporting the same things you are!

Fret no more, family. Today, with a little elbow grease and magical fairy dust, we’ve created a site worthy of our valiant efforts and we want to share you with the world. We are re-doing the roles in discord, so be patient with us, but essentially we want everyone to have a chance to show support for the community, in whatever ways they so choose.

Above us, there are a few important pages in the navigational bar. One of them is the LIVE NOW! page. If you travel to this page, you’ll see an array of streamers who are actually live, right now! Isn’t that crazy? We managed to mimic the exact same thing our twitch community page did right here in our own back yard.

If you click on any of the streams, it will open up an embedded stream viewer (complete with chat) at the top of the page, allowing you to watch said streamer. However, even though this does technically provide a view, if you really want to support the streamer, you can right click any of these and open them in a new tab to go directly to the streamer’s twitch page.

Remember, if you’re new here and you have no idea what’s going on, treat yourself:

Join the Discord, make friends, promote your stream and feel comfortable on our big couch while you do it:

Until next time, community managers signing out. <3