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Minecraft Server Launch Date

The time has come for new additions to the community! On September 21st, we will officially be opening the doors to our brand new community Minecraft Server! Want more info? Join our discord and check out the Minecraft-Server channel:

We have also launched a patreon for help with this website, the minecraft server, and any other funds in between! Anything donated will always go back into the community. If you want to help the community out, here is the link (Note: You’ll get minecraft server benefits too!):


See y’all out there! Check out the image below to see what it looks like so far!

StackUp Event Announced!

We are proud to announce that our community will be hosting a week of charity support for StackUp.Org in May. We’ve already begun to rally the troops in support of this amazing group of people. If you are not familiar with the charity, feel free to click the link on the left as see what they have to offer active duty and veteran military personnel.

Interested in participating in this event? Check out the discord and look for the #stackup-charity channel. There is a FAQ/Signup form pinned there. Please also feel free to reach out to Ogre if your questions are not answered in the FAQ.

Let’s show them that Clever Nation knows how to Stack Up for a great cause!

TwitchCon 2018 Meetup

We had such a blast meeting up with some of our favorite CleverNation people! Twitchcon 2018 was a massive success and we were happy to see your faces in person.
For those of you that missed it this year, there will always be next year!

For now, live vicariously through this amazing video we put together from some of our weekend adventures:

Picture galleries coming soon!
See you at TwitchCon 2019, loves. <3

Community Streamer Limit

Good monday, everyone! We have a setback to announce.

The current community streamers and twitch team members will all show up on the Live Now page when live. However, newer members who are becoming community streamers after today may not show up immediately. This is due to a limitation in the plugin, so please be patient while we find a workaround.

I am reaching out to the plugin developer to find out if it is a limitation of the plugin itself, or with twitch’s API. If it’s the latter, I will be working on a new setup for the live page so we can guarantee every single stream is seen by the public eye.

Thanks for taking your time to support the community and for those that we see at twitch con, feel free to ask for a few mini business cards to pass out on behalf of the community if you run into streamers you think would be a good fit!

Love, Management